LibertyBias Show #6: Conversation- The Ideal Education?

True education is not confined to the classroom. What is the current state of education like for students? What might a better approach be? What are the problems non-leftists face in higher education today?

My guest today is Gabi Maylock from Ohio University. Gabi is a graduate student in Critical Studies in Education. Her and I first met about a month ago at Students for Liberty’s LibertyCon, which is what we discussed in the first ten minutes of this episode. She, like me, is interested in the ways in which liberty can be personable and can bring out the best in humanity. I hope that we can talk many more times on!

Sincerely, John Osterhoudt

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Recorded: 3/24/18

LibertyBias Show #5: Conversation- Achieving Mental Freedom

Freedom is not something we are given; it’s something that has many forms and many paths of achieving it. There certainly can be instances or long struggles where our freedom is infringed upon external factors, but liberty must first spring from within. Without the mental state of being free, then how free can we be externally? That’s the way in which this late-night, beer-fueled conversation was framed. Continue reading

LibertyBias Show #3: True Virtue Cannot Be Enforced

Today, Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire tweeted this nonsense that libertarians are somehow opposed to caring about virtue… that we have nothing to say about anything except when it comes to violence. Wrong. We just know that truly being a virtuous person is something that must be by its very nature consciously chosen, otherwise it’s not actually virtue. Continue reading

LibertyBias Show #2: The Internet’s Proclivity for Drama and Dishonesty

A discussion of employing rational, objective, and honest thinking that revolves around the controversy of Logan Paul (Yes, I know I’m late to the party).

I, unlike the angry mobs on the internet, will not assume the moral high ground when it comes to the Logan Paul controversy. “But John,” some might say, “he showed a dead body, made a joke of suicide, and profited off death.” I think this response, which was the norm on Twitter for a week or so, is dramatic, let alone inaccurate if you objectively watch the never-monetized vlog without a pitchfork. Continue reading

LibertyBias Show #1: The Intro

A messy and sloppy introduction into my new personal audio project: LibertyBias ThoughtCast. It will be nothing more than me thinking aloud, which I hope will eventually be challenging, provoking, and fun. Today, however, is just a quick explanation of what this site “Liberty Bias” is, why the name, why I stopped writing blog posts, and my aspirations for this project. Continue reading