Thomas Massie’s ReasonTV Interview: Politics Alone Cannot and Will Not Bring Liberty

Matt Welch from Reason Magazine (not to be confused with Matt Walsh from The Daily Wire who I criticized in an earlier podcast episode) recently sat down with Rep. Thomas Massie from Kentucky. The congressman shared many important thoughts regarding strategy and some insider information about what it’s actually like to try being a principled person in Washington, DC.

Libertarians have a great habit of being uncompromisingly dedicated to their principles and to idealistic prospects for a free society. That propensity for radical idealism is something I share, and something I value as one of libertarians’ best hopes for inspiring that free society. There are many libertarians who hope for progress to occur through the avenue of politics as the field stands and by being a moderate bridge between mainstream positions and libertarianism in its most consistent form. While many see this as a realistic approach, this interview with Rep. Massie solidifies what I already figured was true: political ends come after cultural wins. Continue reading

LibertyBias Show #3: True Virtue Cannot Be Enforced

Today, Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire tweeted this nonsense that libertarians are somehow opposed to caring about virtue… that we have nothing to say about anything except when it comes to violence. Wrong. We just know that truly being a virtuous person is something that must be by its very nature consciously chosen, otherwise it’s not actually virtue. Continue reading

Economic Freedom Works. (Here’s the data)

A few weeks ago at my university, I attended a talk given by Robert Lawson of Southern Methodist University. He holds the Jerome M. Fullinwider Endowed Centennial Chair in Economic Freedom and is director of the O’Neil Center for Global Markets and Freedom at the Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business. This talk, titled “Economic Freedom and the Wealth and Health of Nations”, was part of The Entrepreneurs and Economics Speaker Series presented by The John H. Schnatter Institute for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise. He shared the plain truth: capitalism saves and improves lives. Continue reading

Liberty Bias was originally something else…

The idea for this project originally had the title “Real Liberal” and it was meant to be a YouTube channel. The title and the medium (for now) are different, but at the core, most things are still the same.

I made the first website in a rush of inspiration, but later found the “real liberal” to have an arrogant connotation. When I use such a term, I am referring to classic liberalism, but do I want to claim to have the “real” definition for such a lofty and historical set of ideas? No. So, that name had to go, so too did the mindset. Continue reading