Thomas Massie’s ReasonTV Interview: Politics Alone Cannot and Will Not Bring Liberty

Matt Welch from Reason Magazine (not to be confused with Matt Walsh from The Daily Wire who I criticized in an earlier podcast episode) recently sat down with Rep. Thomas Massie from Kentucky. The congressman shared many important thoughts regarding strategy and some insider information about what it’s actually like to try being a principled person in Washington, DC.

Libertarians have a great habit of being uncompromisingly dedicated to their principles and to idealistic prospects for a free society. That propensity for radical idealism is something I share, and something I value as one of libertarians’ best hopes for inspiring that free society. There are many libertarians who hope for progress to occur through the avenue of politics as the field stands and by being a moderate bridge between mainstream positions and libertarianism in its most consistent form. While many see this as a realistic approach, this interview with Rep. Massie solidifies what I already figured was true: political ends come after cultural wins. Continue reading

LibertyBias Show #2: The Internet’s Proclivity for Drama and Dishonesty

A discussion of employing rational, objective, and honest thinking that revolves around the controversy of Logan Paul (Yes, I know I’m late to the party).

I, unlike the angry mobs on the internet, will not assume the moral high ground when it comes to the Logan Paul controversy. “But John,” some might say, “he showed a dead body, made a joke of suicide, and profited off death.” I think this response, which was the norm on Twitter for a week or so, is dramatic, let alone inaccurate if you objectively watch the never-monetized vlog without a pitchfork. Continue reading

LibertyBias Show #1: The Intro

A messy and sloppy introduction into my new personal audio project: LibertyBias ThoughtCast. It will be nothing more than me thinking aloud, which I hope will eventually be challenging, provoking, and fun. Today, however, is just a quick explanation of what this site “Liberty Bias” is, why the name, why I stopped writing blog posts, and my aspirations for this project. Continue reading

The Sky is Not Falling, America

America is a nation unprecedented in its moral structure. Peoples from all over the world are here living and thriving together. Despite the disgusting demonstration of anti-American ideas from Nazi’s, white nationalists, violent communists, and others, the sky is not falling, and the fabric of our nation is not being pulled apart. So long as our founding principles of free speech, individualism, truth, and liberty are actively promoted, this nation will pull through. That gives those of us who believe in those principles quite the call to action. Right now, a small minority of the population is displaying their racism and violent grabs at power. The media is eating this up and it’s skewing our perception. Continue reading