LibertyBias Show #5: Conversation- Achieving Mental Freedom

Freedom is not something we are given; it’s something that has many forms and many paths of achieving it. There certainly can be instances or long struggles where our freedom is infringed upon external factors, but liberty must first spring from within. Without the mental state of being free, then how free can we be externally? That’s the way in which this late-night, beer-fueled conversation was framed.

The guest on this episode is my very best friend, Derek Sheffield. He is probably the most well-read persons I know, and is skillful in presenting many sides of the same argument. He has professional experience in many areas from theatre to alcohol to running a small business with his wife. He recently had his first child, and his worldview is becoming more and more interesting each time we talk. I hope to have him on the podcast often, but we are usually quite separated geographically. Enjoy this in-person hangout session disguised as a podcast.

Listen on Stitcher and iTunes.

Recorded: Late on 3/8/18|Early on 3/9/18

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