LibertyBias Show #4: Conversation- The Extremes of Good and Evil, Collective vs Individual

Is there such a thing as evil? I play a clip from Episode 98 of the Jocko Podcast and a clip from Russell Brand’s conversation with Sam Harris on the “Under Your Skin” podcast to frame this. The first clip is horrifying and shocking, but important to hear.

My guest and I then move on to discuss individualism and collectivism through the lenses of music and “diversity” (that word is in quotes as I am using it as a buzzword).

My guest, Gabriel Sanchez, is a professional saxophone player and Costa Rican International Student who is in the US to pursue a master’s degree in saxophone performance. Our conversation about race and diversity are centered around his experiences in America. In his words, “I never thought about my race until I came to the US.”

The conversation started out with some real heaviness and anger, but it was fun and enlightening. Expect to hear from Gabriel again soon.

In liberty, John Osterhoudt

Listen on Stitcher and iTunes.

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