LibertyBias Show #3: True Virtue Cannot Be Enforced

Today, Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire tweeted this nonsense that libertarians are somehow opposed to caring about virtue… that we have nothing to say about anything except when it comes to violence. Wrong. We just know that truly being a virtuous person is something that must be by its very nature consciously chosen, otherwise it’s not actually virtue.

That libertarians are by nature libertines who think everything is a-okay, period, is a strawman that illustrates absolutely zero nuance or creativity. To say that there is no way to spread the alleged goodness of whatever your moral principles are except to use the strong-arm of the state, then your moral principles are probably pretty lackluster.

I highly recommend reading Auberon Herbert’s classic and rousing 1885 essay “The Right and Wrong of Compulsion by the State.”

I also referenced Jordan Peterson’s new book. It may sound like I thought the book was by Norman Doidge, but I was talking about the introduction.

Virtue is necessary to the success of any society, but true virtue can only come through the freedom to choose that said virtue. Therefore, a free society is necessary for a virtuous one. Don’t let anyone at The Daily Wire tell you otherwise.

In Liberty, John Osterhoudt

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