The Sky is Not Falling, America

America is a nation unprecedented in its moral structure. Peoples from all over the world are here living and thriving together. Despite the disgusting demonstration of anti-American ideas from Nazi’s, white nationalists, violent communists, and others, the sky is not falling, and the fabric of our nation is not being pulled apart. So long as our founding principles of free speech, individualism, truth, and liberty are actively promoted, this nation will pull through. That gives those of us who believe in those principles quite the call to action. Right now, a small minority of the population is displaying their racism and violent grabs at power. The media is eating this up and it’s skewing our perception.

Let me be perfectly clear: The ideas and morals of the Alt-Right (I’m using the definition cited in the Ben Shapiro Podcast cited below) are horrendous. The ideas and tactics used by Antifa are also horrendous. These extremes (which really aren’t so different when you boil it all down) are not the only options. We need not to be polarized. That is not helpful.

What we need now is not new tactics, but old ones. Not new ideas, but the same ones that founded this country. It is up to us to be louder than the illiberal groups at Charlottesville. It is up to us have better ideas and better modes of sharing those ideas.

Now is not the time to impugn the motives of people you know. It is not the time to foster bickering among those of us who have the same core goals. It is not the time to punch Nazi’s. Nor is it the time to punch Communists. It is the time to learn about what makes this nation work. I can tell you with great confidence that it is not our race that bring us together, rather it is a common understanding of shared values, it is… good ideas.

This is country will be preserved not by punching your neighbor, but by talking to your neighbor. And maybe even by loving your neighbor, even if he believes something slightly different than you about politics.

Don’t let the media dictate how you feel about what is actually in front of you. There is still great hope for the beauty of this nation.

I’ll leave you with two of my favorite responses to the horrendous events in Charlottesville.

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